Charles de Haas,
Attorney in Law in Paris

Charles de Haas has practiced as an attorney-at-law specialized in intellectual property law, representing or assisting his clients, either plaintiffs or defendants, before French civil and criminal courts and the courts of the European Union (General Court and Court of Justice of the European Union), for more than thirty years.

His activity is mainly devoted to judicial litigation and arbitration.

Other activities of Charles de Haas

He is also responsible for two teaching courses, namely, the first one in Design Law, in the Master 2 Degree in Industrial Property at University Panthéon-Assas Paris II, and the second one in Procedure Relating to Intellectual Property Rights in the Master 2 Degree in Applied Intellectual Property Law at Paris XII University where he also organizes a moot court competition.

Charles de Haas is the author of two books published in English by Butterworths (one in collaboration with Paul Mathély), one in French (measures for preserving infringement evidence, edited by Jurisclasseur) and many articles, chronicles and reviews published in leading law reviews devoted to intellectual property.

He regularly intervenes in numerous seminars and conferences held at MEDEF, APRAM, the Paris Bar Association, ECTA, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris, especially at IRPI, and at the Institut Stanislas de Boufflers.

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